MEDVIR Dialogues


Doctor-patient dialogues

Online medical advice by a real doctor

The doctor-patient relationship is based on dialogue and the quality of a good mutual understanding.
MEDVIR Dialogues helps this mutual understanding.

OBJECTIVE: To advise without interfering with the doctor-patient relationship
This expert system will in no case replace the traditional doctor-patient relationship, but allows the patient who can not reach their regular doctor (holidays, permanent care schedules, availability, …) to get answers to their questions. This is made possible through personalized medical advice.
Furthermore, it can offer access to additional information via the module MEDVIR Encyclopedia.



Dialogues allows MEDVIR :

  • An instant chat dialogue (chat and telephone)
  • Deferred dialogue with response within 24-48 hours
  • Anonymity and privacy fully respected
  • Using data intelligent medical record (with the patient’s consent)
  • Training teams of doctors at medical response in line with, if necessary, additional response by specialists
  • Strict compliance with the Code of Medical Ethics
  • A very low cost of call