MEDVIR Embedded systems


Embedded systems

This feature allows one or more MEDVIR, with or without connected objects, to operate autonomously in a communicating device (case, smartphone, telemedicine cart, etc.).

MEDVIR Embedded Systems works in areas with limited access to the Internet and does not require a remote doctor at hand. The validation of the medical decision can be made once a remote doctor is “on-line”. The update is performed by USB or via the Internet when a connection is established.

OBJECTIVE: to sort, advise, decide, prevent
This expert system allows the questioning of each patient specific to every MEDVIR Embedded and every mission. Recovery and interpretation of data from Bewell Connect connected objects are automatic. The system automatically generates a report suitable for a non-medical reader that can be provided by email in an “online area” or by phone in an “off line” area. Note that the patient can be viewed through a webcam in an “on-line” area.




  • Telemedicine briefcase in areas of medical desertification
  • Telemedicine cases in transportation (planes, boats, etc.)
  • Pharmacy kiosks with Bewell Connect sensors
  • Hospital telemedicine cart with Bewell Connect sensors




  • Hopimedical trolley(image)
  • Case of telemedicine (Parsys)
  • Interactive terminal (image)