MEDVIR Emergencies


Un urgentiste virtuel

To evaluate the degree of seriousness, probable diagnosis and attitude to have.

MEDVIR Emergency module is also named “virtual emergency physician”.
Its aim is to evaluate the seriousness of an emergency situation
It questions the patient as a real doctor would

Its Aim: the emergency sorting process
It will exclusively suspect emergency diagnosis
Concerns only recent problems (less than 8 days)
Thanks to a simple questioning of the patient


At the end of the questioning, understandable by anyone, MEDVIR Emergency suggests the following:

  • What to do and what not to do
  • Who to call
  • In what timeframe
  • How to interpret the data stemming from connected objects (on mobile and tablet only)
  • Which medication to take when it is possible (self-medication)
  • What are the diagnoses considered and their respective probabilities?




  • 165 symptoms
  • 260 d diagnoses considered
  • 1825 questions
  • Average duration of the questioning between 3 and 7 minutes
  • since February 2014: more than 380k questionnaires completed
  • 10.500 opinions
  • 87 % satisfied customers


MEDVIR Emergency is accessible :

  • On any website, as a white label or on smartphones without connected objects.
  • The “connected mobile” version can speak and has voice recognition, equipped exclusively with Bewell Connect
  • products.

  • On interactive kiosks in pharmacies for example
  • Embarked in a telemedicine system (MEDVIR Systèmes embarqués)
  • Embarked in a telemedicine cart in hospitals
  • In multimedia medicalised call centers (assistance services , medical regulation centers…)


Note: This module does not replace a physician. It helps reassure when possible and alert when necessary


HOW IT IS USED : The General Public version
On the internet, to know if your condition is serious or not, to know what to do in case of an emergency :
On mobiles thanks to Bewell Connect and MEDVIR-Emergency with sensors (pulse, blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar, ECG…)


HOW IT IS USED: Professional Version
Primarily used in call centers requiring medical regulation (doctors on call, 911, The fire department), for the triage of calls, this system is also used in the following cases:

  • The optimization of hospital emergencies, to facilitate front desk sorting
  • Help in the decision process in pharmacy dispensaries to evaluate the seriousness of their customers’ symptoms
  • Medical support for carers in senior housing, to evaluate the situation of the residents under the control of a remote doctor
  • The improvement of hospital emergency services for the training of the carers in the form of “serious games”