MEDVIR Encyclopedia


A custom encyclopedia

Simplified explanations on diseases, symptoms, treatments, etc.

This simplified encyclopaedia gives accessibility to the general public. It has been written entirely by doctors and displays tooltips whenever a word is considered to be complicated.
Updates are performed regularly.

OBJECTIVE: To inform, explain, reassure
This expert system achieves its objectives by providing a general response to patient queries, adding details and explanations to each MEDVIR module. It also helps to explain the functioning of organs, diseases and treatments, and serves as an extension to a doctor’s explanations.




  • 5,250 topics including 1360 diseases, 645 symptoms, 302 investigations, 451 treatments and techniques
  • Search engine of over 8,000 words and phrases
  • Volume equivalent of more than 50,000 pages, or 200 paperbacks




MEDVIR Encyclopedia provides information and explanations :

  • To everyone, individually
  • To patient organizations
  • To members of insurance companies and insurance brokers
  • To business employees to improve their health every day
  • To pharmacists to assist them in informing and educating their customers


Note: This device does not intend to replace a physician, but help accompany patients and health professionals.