MEDVIR Dependency and Disability


Helping in case of a dependency

Assessing disability and dependence, proposed practical solutions to caregivers

This MEDVIR is intended to assess the degree of dependence of an elderly or disabled person.
It offers practical and hardware solutions for dependent or disabled persons and their caregivers and asks questions about everyday life like a real doctor would.

Our aim: helping the helpers
This expert system allows the evaluation according to the dependency scales (GIR) and offers technical solutions (equipment, types of care, home automation, Bewell Connect) connected objects, and psychological support through MEDVIR Dialogues.




MEDVIR Dependency and Disability is available:

  • On any web site, white label or smartphones without connected objects
  • At medicalized multimedia call centers (assistance, center of medical regulation, …)
  • On interactive terminals, eg pharmacy
  • In the “mobile connected” version talking with voice recognition and provided exclusively connected objects Bewell Connect