MEDVIR Medical Follow-up


A virtual therapeutic monitoring

Therapeutic control pre and post hospitalization, screening of possible complications with treatment

MEDVIR Medical Follow-up is intended to detect diagnoses by a simple examination and questioning of the patient.
It asks the patient questions like a real doctor.

OBJECTIVE : to follow the evolution of a treatment

MEDVIR Medical Follow-up provides a post-hospital follow-up at home of any type of medical, surgical or endoscopic treatment, as well as screening for complications and following-up with them. It keeps track of drug treatments (intolerance, side effects) and the control of evolution in more than 600 diseases, by detecting undesirable developments and potential complications.




The items are created gradually , starting with the most frequent. It is possible to create additional treatments according to specialty (postoperative cardiology, …). MEDVIR Medical Follow-up is an add-on to MEDVIR General Medicine and includes the information of MEDVIR Smart Folder.