MEDVIR Prevention


A virtual preventive medicine specialist

Analysis of risk factors, risk assessment, personalized pre-coaching

MEDVIR Prevention is also called « virtual preventive medicine specialist ».
It assesses the risk of disease of a person by analysing the risk factors.
It asks the patient questions like a real doctor.

OBJECTIVE : To detect the risk of disease
This expert system provides primary, secondary and tertiary prevention (see box) on 60 diseases. From declarative risk factors that the person provides, he considers the possible diseases and their probability of occurrence. It comes up with the various means and solutions through which the person may act to reduce his/her overall risks (pre- coaching).


Prevention MEDVIR is tracking the risk of several disease categories :

  • Cancers
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Endocrine or metabolic diseases such as diabetes
  • Addictions to products (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc) and behavioral addictions (gambling, internet, sex, work, …)
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Trauma
  • Occupational diseases

All these diagnoses are planned from 48 risk factors reported by the person :

  • Tobacco, alcohol, diet
  • Physical inactivity, cholesterol
  • Home organization
  • Excessive behavior, …


Note : This module does not replace a physician, it accompanies patients and healthcare professionals on the path to prevention.


For each diagnostic risk MEDVIR Prevention shows the risk inherent to the age and sex of the person (incidence rate), the risk associated with its history which cannot be modified anymore, and the behavior which can still influence the patient’s health. Graduated indices can be adjusted (automated pre-coaching) to assess in practice the influence of behavior on the individual risk of disease.




  • 48 risk factors
  • 60 risk diagnoses considered
  • 1300 questions
  • Average duration of the interview between 8 and 10 min.


MEDVIR Prevention is available :

  • On any web site, white label
  • On the «connected mobile» version which speaks and has voice recognition, provided exclusively through Bewell Connect
  • connected objects

  • Within pharmacy interactive terminals or kiosks
  • Embedded in a telemedicine case (MEDVIR Embedded Systems)
  • At medicalized multimedia call centers (assistance services, medical dispatch centers, …)


MEDVIR Prevention is for any person, individual or company, who seeks to reduce risks and improve their health. This expert system allows insurance companies and brokers to improve the health of individuals and employees. Companies can acquire them to improve employee health, reduce work-related health risks and absenteeism. Pharmacists can also be assisted in their prevention work with their customers.
MEDVIR Prevention is complementary to MEDVIR Emergencies et MEDVIR General Medicine. It is part of a strategy of health management of individuals in an emergency context and in the long term.
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