MEDVIR Smart Folder


An intelligent medical record

Access health records easily without being a doctor, understanding all patient data, proposals of preventive behaviour

Computerized personal records that have been developed over 20 years are too complicated for patients and impossible to complete without the help of a doctor.



A radically different perspective, because the intelligent medical record is:

  • Filled in realtime through the use of other MEDVIR modules
  • Completed by the patient according to his own knowledge (declarative data)
  • Validated very quickly by the treating physician (consolidated data)
  • Create automatically as a plain language text (communicable data)
  • Connected with communities of patients with the same disease (shareable data)
  • A 2.0 participatory medical record to watch over each pathology (changing data)
  • A free economic model (collection and validation)




The intelligent medical record is:

  • A storage tool that uses the patient’s speech
  • Equipped with MEDVIR technology to complete the missing data through automated smart interrogation
  • An automated editing system of a text understandable by all
  • Editable by the physician with the patient’s consent (consolidated data)
  • Either in the form of a text or a more conventional medical record structured by tabs
  • In relation with other MEDVIR modules and incremented during the patient’s life


The intelligent medical file is partially developed information in its acquisition phase. It benefits from the existence of the following modules: MEDVIR Emergencies, MEDVIR General medicine et MEDVIR Prevention. It is considered complete in combination with MEDVIR Dialogues, and MEDVIR Medical monitoring. This intelligent medical record is the memory of the virtual doctor as well as his insight (especially through MEDVIR Prevention) to outline a patient’s path, and monitoring elements essential to seek with the doctor and medical specialists following the patient in his daily life.

MEDVIR Intelligent Medical Record should be operational in 2016.