Skills and Expertise


Dr. Loïc Etienne, MD

Without him, we wouldn’t be here! Emergency physician for the past 35 years, he created the expert system for decision support MEDVIR. Being a musician and author, it made sense for him to imagine the healthcare of the future with ethics and a healthy doctor-patient relationship. Thanks to his work, and using innovative technological innovation, he will help free doctors from their routine so as to bring back dialogue, attentiveness and empathy at the forefront of the relationship. He understands how important these attributes are to any patient’s well-being and recovery.



Michel Frain

Michel is in charge of business development. Stubborn like most people from Brittany, he doesn’t like looking back and thrives on developing new projects. Despite his “young” age, Michel aims at keeping up with the techs of the team and accompanies Loïc with persistance since 12 years. His comprehensive purpose is to unite teams, different spheres, cultures and complimentary cultures so as to bring an innovative medicine to those who wouldn’t access it easily.


Christophe Humbert

He is the the one who counteracts the other members’ creative overflow. He is the team IT genius, who explains technological concepts with great patience and pragmatism. Christophe is a rigorous administrator and talent manager of his IT team, he knows how to imagine economic models that can adapt to all needs and means of our clients. Readily available due to his commitment, he has become an essential player for the functioning of the company.



Hanane Ouastri

Hanane has been working with Dr. Loïc Eitenne for 10 years now, she brings with her a track record of management experience, a different culture as well as important knowledge in “daily medicine”. Her aim is to create a MIS (Medical Intelligence Service) subsidiary in Africa and the Middle East in order to efficiently combat medical desertification and contribute to the revolution in healthcare.


Julie Müller

Julie speaks six languages fluently and has a strong background in business; she is essential in expressing our ideas and gives meaning to our work when it comes to international expansion and development. Entrepreneurial and creative, she contributes to making our communication reliable and efficient. Julie is determined and demanding with herself, she helps us boost the team to optimise our communication strategy.